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eV::ordersGetList() retrieves a multidimensional array of order information. Especially useful for order history pages.


$array = eV::orderGetList([$fieldList[,$userId[,$fromDate[,$toDate]]]]);


  • $fieldList STRING (optional)
comma-delimited list of fields to be returned. If not passed, all fields will be returned.
  • $userId INT (optional)
system designated unique userId - all orders that belong to the user will be returned. Defaults to the current session's user.
  • $fromDate DATETIME (optional)
if passed, only orders completed during or after the $fromDate will be returned
  • $toDate DATETIME (optional)
if passed, only orders completed during or before the $toDate will be returned

Return Values

Returns a multidimensional array where the first dimension is the index of the order, and the second dimension is the order's field names:

    [0] => Array
            // fields automatically included
            [orderId] => INT
            [orderNumber] => IN
            [createDate] => DATETIME
            [completeDate] => DATETIME
            [cancelDate] => DATETIME
            [user_firstName] => STR
            [user_lastName] => STR
            [user_emailAddress] => STR
            [ship_firstName] => STR
            [ship_lastName] => STR
            [ship_emailAddress] => STR
            [pay_firstName] => STR
            [pay_lastName] => STR
            [pay_emailAddress] => STR
            [itemTotal] => FLOAT // cost of items in cart added up
            [discountTotal] => FLOAT // discount totals added up
            [orderTotal] => FLOAT // cost of items in cart added up, less discounts
            [taxTotal] => FLOAT // total taxes charged to order
            [shipTotal] => FLOAT // total shipping charged to order
            [orderGrandTotal] => FLOAT // sum total of everything (item, tax, ship, less discount) for order
    [1] => Array


// kick if logged out
// recommended to place in 'pre process' code of template - no reason to waste processing power if we just gonna kick to home.
// also consider replacing the target page below with a link to the login page
eV::authorizeIsLoggedIn('index.php?message=You must be logged in to view your order history')
// get listing
$arrOrders = eV::ordersGetList("orderId,orderNumber,completeDate,cancelDate,orderTotal");
// start off a table
echo "<table><tr><td>Order Number</td><td>Date</td><td>Total</td></tr>";
// we have orders, lets loop
$orderCount = 0;
foreach($arrOrders as $order) {
     // only display orders that are completed and current (not cancelled)
     if(!empty($order['completeDate']) && empty($order['cancelDate'])) {
        echo "<tr><td><a href=\"index.php?fa=ORDER.invoice&orderNumber=" . $order['orderNumber'] . "\">" . $order['orderNumber'] . "</a></td>";
        echo "<td>" . date('M d, Y',strtotime($order['completeDate'])) . "</td>";
        echo "<td>" . eV::dollarFormat($order['orderGrandTotal']) . "</td></tr>";
     // end if order qualifies to be displayed
 // end order loop
  // no orders, display message
  echo "<tr><td colspan=3>You have no orders at this time</td></tr>";
// close the table
echo "</table>";
// fin!