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Never save any script without writing notes as per this section
All changes to code me notated in three places
  • At the line preceding all lines of code that are changed in a script
  • At the top of the script in the history notes. Always reference the location of the changes (i.e. the function name or the process being performed 'looping through products')
  • In the root history.txt file in the history notes. Always reference the script path in the readme

All notes should take the following format
Date : Your name : Reference Location : Notes

Examples (for each code location as specified above):

  • 1/25/2009: Mark Wexler: Commented out following line and added line below it to fix 'subtotal' bug
  • 1/25/2009: Mark Wexler: orderGetSummary(): fixed 'subtotal' bug
  • 1/25/2009: Mark Wexler: /common/fnOrder.php: fixed 'subtotal' bug