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Any number of custom forms can be created and made available on the web site. These custom forms can contain any fields the form developer wishes (please see Pages:Custom Forms for custom form development procedures).

Visitors Submitting Custom Forms

All custom forms that are submitted by site visitors will be emailed to a target email address (which can be specified per form) and saved to the database. The saved form submissions are query-able by web site administrators via a simple-to-use form look-up tool. Form submissions look up is accessible by selecting the "Form Submissions" link from the administration link list of the admin console. Upon selecting "Form Submissions", you will be presented with the Form Submissions Search tool:

Form Submissions Search Tool

The form submission search tool provides the means to look up and view any and all custom form submissions made by site visitors. The following filter criteria are available for form submissions searches:

  • Email Address
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Form Type (each custom form will be given a unique 'form type' name which can be used to filter the forms when looking them up)
  • Submission From Date
  • Submission To Date

Form submissions searches can either be presented in a list of the web site (by selecting the search button) or exported to MS Excel (by selecting the export button).

Form Submissions Search Results

If a standard search is selected (instead of an export to MS Excel search), the qualifying form submissions will be listed below the Form Submissions Search Tool. The search results will include the following form submitted information in summary format:

  • Form Id
  • Email Address
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Form Type
  • User Account (if the user was logged into an account when submitting the form)
  • Create Date

The search results can be sorted by any of the above fields by selecting the field column header. Listed form submissions can be selected to view and/or edit the submissions.

Form Submissions Edit Form

The form submissions edit form is displayed if a form submission is selected via the form submission search results. The edit form will contain all fields (core and custom) that were filled out in the form by the visitor. From this form, changed can be made to the form contents.