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The Forums area allows moderators to look up and manage forum posts.

To create and modify forum pages go to Pages.

To set if forums are available and how they operate go to Settings, web 2.0 tab.

The forums area begins with the forum post search form. From this form you can lookup forum posts by page id & keywords (page containing the forum post), by forum id & keywords, forum post date, user information and forum post status (approved or unapproved). Most of the time you will be looking up posts by the post status - as all new posts will be filed under unapproved - so this is an easy way to see all new postings are pending approval. Submitting the forum post form returns a list of all forum posts that fit your search criteria.

From the forum post list you can edit the post, delete the post, edit the user (if the forum is posted by a logged in user) and change the approval status. All visible posts on a page can be selected as approved/unapproved - clicking 'apply approval changes' will set all visible posts to the selected approval status.

Selecting to edit a post will open the post management form. From this form you can change the title, content and approval status.