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Page Template Managers

Page templates are used to dictate how BOTH the page management forms will operate, and how the content entered into those page management forms will display and behave to site visitors. Any number of page templates can be created to support the site requirements. Page templates can also be split into ‘includes’ to more easily manage repeated code. The templates created here will be available for selection in the page management area of administration when creating/editing pages.

For more on page templates

About Page Templates

It is recommended you read all the following items before creating your first template

  • Get child pages (cross sells, subcategories, upsells, products in pages...)
  • Get product information (pricing, options, content...)
  • Get order information (build perpetual carts, shopping cart, checkout pages and order receipts...)
  • Get user information (create account, blogs, account management, address book management, wish list management...)
  • Get web 2.0 content (blogs, polls, comments/forums...)
  • Get additional page content (ad banners, breadcrumbs, recently viewed...)
  • Useful information (get city, county, longitude, latitude and other information from a zip code)
  • Shortcuts to make your job easier (quick content for state drop downs, country drop downs, format numbers into dollar output)