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The file management library provides site managers a centralized location to manage all uploaded files (images, documents, spreedsheets, etc) throughout the web site in other management components. This file library is accessible via the "file library" link in the site administration link list and from any area in site management where a file is to be selected. The file library is a stand alone pop up window - so be sure you allows pop ups for your website or this tool will not work correctly.

The file library file manager pop up is broken down into three main areas: The action bar, access links, preview pane and the folder / file list.

Action Bar

The action bar, located on the top row of the pop up, provide the following tools:

  • Selected Folder: Displays the absolute path to the folder currently selected.
  • Create Folder: Creates a new folder inside of the folder currently selected.
  • Upload: Opens the file upload tool which allows you to upload multiple files at a time to the folder currently selected.
  • New File: Creates a new blank file in the current folder.
  • Refresh: displays the latest contents of the folder currently selected.
  • Image Manager: switching to Image Manager mode allowing management of images via a thumbnail preview model. See the Image Library for how to operate using this model.

Access Links

The access links, located in the left column of the pop up, provides easy access to the root folder(s), history (last folders viewed in chronological order) and favorites (as selected via the management options for the file). When a folder is selected, it's contained sub-folders and files will also appear in the folder / file list area to the right of the access links.

Preview Pane

The preview pane, located below the access links in the left column, provides a quick preview of any file in the folder / file listing, by clicking the file name. From the preview pane, you can select to:

  • Insert: if the file library was accessed via a file field in another area of administration, selecting Insert will place this file in the calling file field.
  • Download: downloads the file to your local computer.
  • View: opens the file in it's native program to be viewed.

Folder / File List

The folder / file list, located to the right of the access links, displays the current contents of the selected folder. Selecting a folder from this listing will open that folder's contents in the folder / file list. Selecting a file will open the file in the Preview Pane. Right clicking a file or folder will give you the following management options:

  • Add Favorite: places the file or folder into your favorites, accessible by clicking favorites in the access links left of the folder / file list.
  • Cut: Removes the folder / file, holding it in memory to be pasted in another folder location.
  • Copy: Copies the folder / file to memory to be pasted in another folder location.
  • Paste: Pastes the current folder / file placed in memory via Cut or Copy.
  • Rename: Renames the folder / file.
  • Delete: removes the folder / file from the system.
  • Zip: creates a zipped version of the folder / file in the current folder.