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Landing pages allow site managers to set certain pages to be the 'home page' for web site users based on custom field values set in the user's accounts (see Settings > users > custom user fields for how to set up these fields). Landing page management is accessed by clicking the 'landing pages' link in the site administration link list. Note that only administrators and user managers have access to manage landing pages.


In order to set a landing page that will work, three requirements need to be completed:

  1. Set up user custom fields in Settings, the contents of which will be used to select the landing page.
  2. Have your integrator set up the custom field(s) in the user creation and user management forms.
  3. Create the target landing page in Pages Management just like creating any other page.

Once the above three are completed, the landing page can be set. This is the process of 'linking' the page to certain values being selected in the custom fields.

The Landing Page Form

Setting a Landing Page

Modifying Landing Page Settings

Canceling a Landing Page