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Advertisers are the means of grouping the banners by ownership. Each banner must belong to an advertiser. If your site is offering ad space to outside organizations, each advertiser could represent an organization advertising on your site. Many content managers will use advertisers as a means to organize their own internal ads, grouping them by ad category.

To add an advertiser, select the “Add Advertiser” button in the banner search box. To edit / delete and advertiser, search for advertisers by entering appropriate keywords and selecting “advertisers” from the search type drop down box. All advertisers fitting your search criteria will be returned. To view or edit an advertiser, select ‘edit’ next to it.

The advertiser form includes the following fields:

  • Advertiser Name: Used for tracking purposes – whenever you look up advertisers or select an advertiser for a banner, the name given here will show.
  • Notes: Internal information about the advertiser – just for your, and other content manager’s information.
  • Active: Turns on or off the advertiser and it’s banners.

Note that if an advertiser is set as inactive, none of that advertiser’s banners will display on the site.

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