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Banners are the actual image / text ad, and it’s behaviors, that will display on the web site. A banner can be assigned to any number of banner campaigns and zones, meaning it can display in as many places on the site as you wish.

To add a banner select the ‘add banner’ button form the banner search tool. To edit / delete a banner, find your target banner by entering the appropriate keywords and select banners from search type in the search tool.

Banner management consists of meta, content and behavioral information.

Banner meta information is information about the banner that does not effect how or when it displays. It is simply for your own internal information and reference. Banner meta fields are below:

  • Banner name: sets the name that will appear when the banner qualifies for a search in the banner search tool and when the banner is being selected to participate in a campaign.
  • Advertiser: the advertiser the banner is classified under.
  • Notes: internal details / notes about the banner

Banner content information controls what the visitor sees when the banner is displayed. Banner content fields are below:

  • Image / Text ad: Sets if the banner is an image or text (html) banner
  • Image Path: the path to the image of the banner. Select a banner from the image library via the browse link next to the field. Visitors clicking the image will be taken to the link location (as specified by the link field in behavioral information below)
  • Image Alt: The alternate text for the image. This information is used by search engines to classify the image and also displays if the visitors browser has images turned off.
  • Text Ad Title: Short title for the banner ad that will appear above the text copy when the banner is presented. This title will be a link that will go to the location specified by the link field (see behavioral information below) when selected.
  • Text Ad Content: the content of the text ad. This can be simple test or HTML content. Note that links created in HTML content cannot be tracked by banner activity reports.

Banner behavioral information sets conditions for displaying the banner and what happens when the banner is selected. Banner behavioral fields are below:

  • Active: Specified if the banner can be displayed or not. If deactivated, the banner will not display in any of the campaigns / zones it may be assigned to.
  • Open in new window: When the banner is clicked, the target URL will open in a new browser window instead of in the current browser window.
  • Target URL: Specifies the page the visitor will be directed to if they select the banner.
  • Page Controls: Sets which pages the banner can and cannot appear within. As banners can be assigned to multiple campaigns which can be assigned to multiple zones which could exist in multiple pages, the banner has a high chance of appearing in many pages on the web site. The Hide/Show page control provides the means to dictate which pages the banner can appear on (show) or which pages the banner cannot appear on (hide). If the banner exists in a campaign on a page where it is excluded from eligibility, the system will simply choose another banner from a campaign assigned to the zone.
Adding a page to the page control list
  • By ID: if you know the pageId for the page you wish to add, simply enter the pageId in the “By ID” field and select the “Add” button next to it. If the page is found, it will be placed in the top of the page list in the window below.
  • By Keywords: if you do not know the ID, you can search for your page(s) by entering keyword(s) in the “by Keywords” field and selecting “Find”. A list of qualifying pages will be returned in the window below. Select the page(s) you wish to add using the select checkboxes on the left side, than hit the “Post” button above the search results to place the selected page(s) into the page list.

Banners can be assigned to any number of banner campaigns that can be placed in zones throughout the website.

Note that creating a banner does not make it appear on the website. For the banner to appear on the site, the banner must be assigned to a campaign that is assigned to a zone displaying on the website, and all four elements (advertiser, banner, campaign and zone) must be active.

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