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Campaigns are groups of banners that will be presented (rotated) together. In many instances a campaign can contain a single banner. You can assign any number of banners to a campaign. In turn you can assign any number of campaigns to a zone.

To add a campaign, select the ‘add campaign’ button from the banner search tool. To edit / delete a campaign, look up the campaign by entering applicable keywords and selecting campaigns from the search type drop down.

The campaign form consists of the following fields:

  • Campaign name: sets the name that will appear when the campaign qualifies for a search in the banner search tool and when the campaign is being selected to appear in a zone.
  • Advertiser: banners from this selected advertiser may be added to the campaign.
  • Notes: internal details / notes about the campaign
  • Active: Specifies if the campaign can be displayed or not. If deactivated, the campaign will not display in any of the zones it may be assigned to.
  • Campaign Banners: All banners will be listed that belong to the selected advertiser. Only banners with a weighting of more than zero (0) will actually display in this campaign. The weighting dictates the odds of the banner being randomly selected vs other banners in the campaign. Weighting only applies if the campaign belongs to a zone that is set to rotate banners between pages (randomly selected banner appears as each page is loaded, but remains in the page), not within pages (all qualifying banners rotate at a set interval while the page is being viewed). Note that a banner must have a weight of more than zero (0) or the system will drop the banner from the campaign.

Note that creating a campaign with banners does not make it appear on the website. The campaign, with banners assigned, must be assigned to a zone and all four elements must be active (at least one participating banner and it’s advertiser, the campaign and the assigned zone).

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