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eV::authorizeIsLoggedIn($redirectOnFalse) checks if a user is currently logged in to the session.


$bool = authorizeIsLoggedIn([$redirectOnFalse]);


  • $redirectOnFalse STRING OPTIONAL
URL to forward visitor to, if log in check fails.

Return Values

Returns boolean TRUE/FALSE IF $redirectOnFalse is empty or not passed. Returns TRUE if user is logged in; returns FALSE if user is not logged in.


Example using redirect (forwarding)
// typically placed in the pre-process area of the template
// forward to home page with a message
// if anyone attempts to access a page using this template without being logged in
eV::authorizeIsLoggedIn('index.php?message=You must be logged in to view this page');
Example without using redirect
// just checking log in status in order to show different content
$isLoggedIn = eV::authorizeIsLoggedIn();
// logged in
echo "You are logged in";
} else {
// not logged in
echo "YOu are not logged in";