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The lost password feature will provide the web site visitor with a form to retrieve a lost password. Submission of this form will reset the password to a random 8 character value and email this value to the emailAddress entered (assuming it is a valid account). The site must be set up to use an available SMTP server in order for the email to be sent. Verify with your integrator that the email server is correctly set up.

The lost password feature does not require a separate template. A simple template that outputs the global $message and the page $copy will serve to contain the lost password page. It is recommended that the template use the authorizeIsLoggedOut function to disallow logged in users from using the form. The following form must appear in the copy of the page:

<!-- start the form -->
<form action="index.php" method="post">
<!-- the emailAddress field to collect the user's account email address -->
Email Address: <input maxlength="100" name="emailAddress" size="40" type="text" />
<!-- submit the form -->
<input type="submit" value="Retrieve Lost Password">
<!-- required hidden fields -->
<!-- the fa field tells the system to attempt to retrieve a lost password when this form is submitted -->
<input name="fa" type="hidden" value="USER.lostPassword" /> 
<!-- the successPage field tells the system what page to 'land' the visitor on following the password request, 
so long as the request was successful -->
<input name="successPage" type="hidden" value="index.php?message=An email has been sent to your account with your new password" /> 
<!-- the failurePage field tells the system what page to 'land' the visitor on following the password request,
if the request fails. It is recommended to simply drop the visitor back into the current page with a message
about the failure -->
<input name="failurePage" type="hidden" value="index.php?message=Invalid account email address. Please try again or create a new account" />
<!-- close out the form -->