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Retrieves information about a zip code


$zipArr = eV::addressZipDetailsGet(STR $zipCode);


  • $zipCode STRING
string 5 digit zip code. Include trailing zeros or matches will not qualify.

Return Values

Returns associative array of zip code properties. Returns boolean FALSE if zip code is not found. Returned array is as follows:

    [zipCodeId] => INT
    [zipCode] => STR
    [city] => STR
    [state] => STR
    [areaCode] => STR
    [county] => STR
    [timeZone] => INT
    [dayLightSavings] => BIT
    [latitude] => DECIMAL
    [longitude] => DECIMAL


Elements from the returned associative array are as follows:

Element Description Example
zipCodeId INTEGER unique ID of zip code entry in source database 123
zipCode STRING 5-digit zip code 20817
city STRING city zip code is within Bethesda
state STRING 2-character state abbreviation zip code is within MD
areaCode STRING 3-character area code of zip code. Multiple area codes will be delineated by slash "/". 240/301
county STRING country zip code is within Montgomery
timeZone INTEGER timeZone zip code is within, stated in hours from GMT 5
dayLightSavings BIT weather or not time zone qualifies for day light savings. 1 for yes, 0 for no 1
latitude DECIMAL latitude of zip code 38.99964000
longitude DECIMAL longitude of zip code (-77.15508000)


// set a variable containing the zip code
$zipCode = "20817";
// get the zip code information
$zipData = eV:addressZipDetailsGet($zipCode);
if($zipData != false) {
// zip code found
// output zip code information
echo "Your zip code information is as follows:
<li>City: " . $zipData['city'] . "
<li>State: " . $zipData['state'] . "
<li>County: " . $zipData['county'] . "
<li>Area Code(s): " . $zipData['areaCode'] . "
} else {
// zip code not found
echo "Invalid zip code!";