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Retrieves summary order information. Useful for perpetual shopping carts.


$orderArr = eV::orderGetSummary([INT $orderId]);


  • orderId INTEGER (optional)
unique order key of order information to retrieve. Defaults to the current sessions shopping cart's orderId.

Return Values

Returns associative array of summary order information. Return array is as follows:

    [orderNumber] => INT
    [completeDate] => DATETIME
    [cancelDate] => DATETIME
    [itemTotal] => DECIMAL
    [itemCount] => DECIMAL
    [itemSurchargeTotal] => DECIMAL
    [totalQuantity] => INT
    [taxTotal] => DECIMAL
    [baseShipTotal] => DECIMAL
    [shipTotal] => DECIMAL
    [paymentTotal] => DECIMAL
    [discountTotal] => DECIMAL
    [totalOrderCost] => DECIMAL
    [totalDue] => DECIMAL

Element details from the returned array are as follows:

Element Description Example
orderNumber INT order number for this order. This is a unique ID, but is nonsequential. Not to be confused with the orderId which is the sequential uniqueId. This orderNumber is what is presented to web site visitors referencing the orders to alleviate random attempts to access orders. 6912834
completeDate DATETIME string date time of if/when the order was completed (processed). This will be empty while it is still an active shopping cart that has not been purchased. 2008-06-22 19:04:57
cancelDate DATETIME string date time of if/when the order was canceled. This will be empty if the order has not been canceled. 2008-06-22 23:22:08
itemTotal DECIMAL dollar value of summed up quantities x price per item. The total value of the products in the shopping cart not including shipping, taxes or discounts. 150.25
itemCount INT total number of line items (not total quantities, but total unique items) 6
itemSurchargeTotal DECIMAL dollar value of summed up quantities x item shipping surcharges (as set at the product level) 25.45
totalQuantity INTEGER summed up item quantities in the order. For example if there are three different items in the cart, the first two have a quantity of 1 and the third has a quantity of 5, the totalQuantity will be 7. 7
taxTotal DECIMAL total taxes charged to this order 24.67
baseShipTotal DECIMAL shipping charges, not including item shipping surcharges, to this order 12.54
shipTotal DECIMAL total shipping charges (baseShipTotal + itemSurchargeTotal) to this order 37.99
paymentTotal DECIMAL total of all processed payments attributed to this order 205.65
discountTotal DECIMAL total of all discount code dollar values attributed to this order 25.12
totalOrderCost DECIMAL sum of all costs effecting this order - this is the order grand total (totalItemCost +taxTotal + shipTotal - discountTotal) 175.86
totalDue DECIMAL outstanding amount due on this order (totalOrderCost - paymentTotal) 50.67


// get the cart summary data
$orderArr = eV::orderGetSummary();
// output some of the results
Total Number of Items:" . $orderArr['totalQuantity'] . "<br>
Total Value:" . eV::dollarFormat($orderArr['totalOrderCost']);