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Page Template Managers

Page Template Functions


retrieves data to be used to build breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs are qualified by traversing the parents, grandparents, great grandparents and so forth until the top level is reached.


$arrBreadCrumbs = eV::pageBreadcrumbFamilyGet($pageId[,$templateIdList]);


  • $pageId INT
the unique pageid that will be the breadcrumb target.
  • $templateIdList STR (optional)
Comma delimited list of templateIds that qualify a breadcrumb: if passed, only pages that are using a template from the list can be breadcrumbs. This is useful for filtering out cross sell relationships which qualify as children to product pages.

Return Values

Returns a multidimensional array where the first dimension is an indexed array of breadcrumbs, the second dimension is an associative array of breadcrumb data.

The returned array is as follows:

    [0] => Array
            [link] => STRING
            [text] => STRING
    [1] => Array...


Elements from the breadcrumb associative array are as follows:

Element Description Example
link String: absolute URL link to the target breadcrumb's page /index.php?pageId=124
text String: the designated breadcrumb value for the target breadcrumb page. Category X


// get the breadcrumb data
$arrBreadcrumbs = eV::pageBreadcrumbsFamilyGet($pageId);
// display breadcrumbs
// place home page at beginning
echo "<a href=\"index.php\">Home</a>";
//traverse breacrumbs and display
foreach($arrBreadcrumbs as $breadcrumb) echo " &gt; <a href=\"" . $breadcrumb['link'] . "\">" . $breadcrumb['text'] . "</a>";
// place breadcrumb value for current page at end
echo " &gt; " . $breadcrumb;