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Retrieves an array of pay type information


$payTypeArr = eV::orderGetPayTypes();



Return Values

Returns a multidimensional array of pay types. The first dimension indexes each pay type, the second dimension is an associative array of pay type information. The array is as below:

=> Array
      [0] => Array
             [payTypeId] => INT
             [payType] => STR
             [payTypeName] => STR
             [isActive] => BIT
      [1] ...

Details on the associative array elements are below:

Element Description Example
payTypeId INTEGER - unique id assigned to the pay type by the system 2
payType STRING - 2 letter abbreviation of pay type. This value should be passed to the sale_payments database table AE
payTypeName STRING - Full name of pay type American Express
isActive BIT - 1 if pay type is set to active, 0 if it is note 0


orderGetPayTypes example
// get payment types
$arrPayTypes = eV::orderGetPayTypes();
// start select field
echo "<select name=\"payType\">";
// loop thru and display options
foreach($arrPayTypes as $payType) echo "<option value=\"" . $payType['payType'] . "\">" . $payType['payTypeName'] . "</option>";
// end select field
echo "</select>";